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B League Playoffs

Playoffs will be single elimination brackets until finals, strongly rewarding highest seeds from regular season.  Tie breakers for playoff seedings are: 1. Wins 2. Head to Head Record 3. Goals +/- Differential.  Championship Finals will be a best of three game series.  Please have your players keep this time open on their calendar.  Playoff game ties will be decided by:
1. Five minute overtime period 4 on 4.
2. Best-of-three shootout
3. Best-of-one shootout until winner is decided

To participate in the playoffs, a player must play in at least 6 regular season games for their respective team.
Each team must have their official USA Hockey Team Roster available for each game to prove eligibility of their players.  The official USA Hockey Team Roster is prepared in coordination with Kathy from USA Hockey at  Please request your official roster directly from Kathy.
All players must have photo identification with them for each game.

Based on regular season performance here are the seeds:

Round 1:
1 seed BYE (advances directly to Round 2)
2 vs. 7Friday March 19, 2010  8:30pm on NHL Rink
3 vs. 6Friday March 19, 2010   9:30pm on NHL Rink
4 vs. 5        Friday March 19, 2010  10:30pm on NHL Rink

Round 2 :
1 Seed vs Lowest Winning Seed from Round 1  Wednesday March 24th at 8:00pm
Top 2 Winning Seeds from Round 1  Wednesday March 24th at 9:00pm

Round 3:
Championship Finals Best of 3 Game Series:

Game 1:Friday March 26, 20109:00pm
Game 2:Wednesday March 31, 20108:00pm
Game 3:Friday April 2, 2010  (if necessary)   tbd
Playoff Pictures...
Hurricanes win the B League!     


2008/2009 B League Champions - Carolia Hurricanes
2009 / 2010