NEWS: The 2024/25 Fall-Winter Season Registration is OPEN! If you have any interest in participating in the 2024/25 Fall season please email hockeydetroit@yahoo.com.

The Captain of each team is responsible to return all of the following completed paperwork, as provided in the captain’s package:

1.ROSTER - The maximum roster size is 20 players, (not including goalies there is no limit to the amount of goalies you can have on your roster).  Any players that you intend on using as ‘subs’ must be included on your 20 player maximum roster.  Rosters are due at the first game. Captains, you may begin working on your official team roster with Kathy at USA Hockey at d3kathy@gmail.com. Once a player is registered with USA Hockey and agrees to and signs the LHD Release of Liability waiver, the player is eligible to be placed on your roster.

2.PLAYER WAIVERS FOR EACH PLAYER ON YOUR ROSTER - Players must review, sign and return the Release of Liability Waiver.  Your players must agree to sign this Release of Liability to participate.  

3.USA HOCKEY REGISTRATION - Captain MUST provide to the league copies of each player’s USA Hockey membership confirmation at the first game. Players are to register with USA Hockey online at https://membership.usahockey.com.  

4.CAPTAIN AGREEMENT - Captain must sign the Captain Agreement, agreeing to the responsibilities.


FALL/WINTER TUESDAY B/C+ LEAGUE: $5,850 (50% Due by 9/17/24, Total Balance Due by 10/29/24)

FALL/WINTER THURSDAY ELITE A LEAGUE: $6,350 (50% Due by 9/19/23, Total Balance Due by 10/24/24)

Early Registration Discount For Both Leagues: $250 ($500 Deposit Must Paid by 8/1/24 and Full Balance Must Be Paid by 9/26/24)

SPRING LEAGUE: $2,675 (50% Due by 4/2/24, Total Balance Due by 4/23/24)

Early Registration Discount: $125 ($500 Deposit Must Paid by 3/5/24 and Full Balance Must Be Paid by 4/2/24)

*The team is ineligible to play until the above completed paperwork is turned in to the league.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Here is all the information you'll need for the start of the season:

2024/25 Fall-Winter Registration Form

LHD Tuesday B/C+ Rules

LHD Thursday Elite A Rules

Captain's Checklist

Captain's Agreement

Team Roster Spreadsheet

LHD Release of Liability
 (please print out enough liability waivers for your team)

2024 Spring Team Registration Form

LHD Spring Rules

Please direct any questions to hockeydetroit@yahoo.com.